bright lady

neon | three wishes style

Continuing with more color today… it is spring after all. I tried a different bag at first- a neutral one, but this bright orange gem looked way better; it took this look over the top for me. I kept my shoes and the rest of my look pretty simple.

Also am I the only girl who loves the new orange lipstick trend? It matches my purse. Do you guys hate it?

neon | three wishes styleneon | three wishes styleneon | three wishes styleneon | three wishes styleneon | three wishes style

Old Navy Pants (similar)   |   Old Navy Blouse (similar)   |   Target Purse

ShoeDazzle Heels   |   Jewelmint Backbone Necklace

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six wishes


1. Jumpsuit- Daily Look  $39.99

2. Black ankle strap heels- Daily Look $29.99

3. Green Blazer- Sheinside $34.83

4. Sweater- Daily Look $98.99

5. A-line midi dress- Daily Look  $44.99

6. Pink blazer- Daily Look $44.99

I recently came across this great online shopping website, Daily Look and it pretty much gave me all my inspiration that I needed for today’s “wishlist.”

I’m in desperate need of some great basics and everything you see above is under $50, except for the really cute “I woke up like this” sweater, but I included it because I just love it so much! It’s time for me to STOP buying accessories (shoes, jewelry, etc.) and get some great pieces that can be mixed and matched in my wardrobe.

***I’m dying for that white jumpsuit, but I don’t know if I could pull it off. What do you guys think (it’s only $40!!!)? Let me know below!


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back in black

b&w | three wishes style

I wore this outfit last week when the temperature decided to drop 20 degrees overnight. It was actually nice to have one more cool day… especially because it gave me an excuse to wear this outfit! Another black and white look, but in my defense there’s blue and maroon in there too! :)

13b&w | three wishes style 10b&w | three wishes style b&w | three wishes style 11b&w | three wishes style

H&M Pants   |   Sam & Libby for Target Heels   | ZARA Purse

Target Blouse   |   Necklace (a mix of a few)

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hello color

colors | three wishes style

I’ve worn a lot of black and white recently so today I decided it’s time for some color!

In other news, how was your Easter? Mine was pretty low-key, although the fella and I decided to make a feast for just the two of us… ham, corn casserole, mac n cheese, rolls, slaw and more! (That’s what you call a mega cheat-day!) My belly is still full and we have leftovers for dayssss. If you notice a few extra lbs in the coming days you’ll know why!

colors | three wishes style colors | three wishes style colors | three wishes style 8colors | three wishes style

 TJ Maxx Skirt (only $15)   |   JC Penney Vest (old)   |    Target tee

Target Flats   |    Jewelmint Necklace   |   Old Navy Bag

Sole Society Aviators

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shoes x5 (on a budget)

What girl doesn’t love shoes, especially when a new season is upon us and all of our boots are no longer needed? I told you guys earlier in the week that I have been on a shoe buying rampage lately and I’m sad to say it’s over… for now! But I’ve found some great gems that I think will be perfect for this spring and summer! Now I’m not one to get on here and tell you guys every time I buy something new… that would get old real quick, but what I do want to tell you is that I got all five pairs of shoes you see below for under $100.

How did this wonderful occurrence happen you ask..? Well it all started with a girl and a dream for new shoes.

shoes | three wishes style

JustFab  FREE + $5 shipping

Original Price  $39.95 was giving away a free pair of shoes if you signed up for their VIP membership.

Signing up means you will be charged $40 a month and get a shoe credit, but if you’re short on money that month or don’t find anything you like, you can always skip the month and spend nothing. You just have to visit the website by the 5th and skip the month. The $5 I spent was strictly on shipping.


midi + colorblocking | three wishes style

ShoeDazzle  $19.95

Orginal Price  $39.95

Another membership sign-up discount… half off your first order if you sign up… unfortunately I had purchased from ShoeDazzle before so it wasn’t my first purchase, BUT I simply put in a new email address and voilà.. 50% off two pairs of shoes! (Don’t judge me!)

It’s the same deal as above though, you have to skip the month in order to not be charged.

leopard | three wishes style

ShoeDazzle  $19.95

Original Price  $39.95

…same as above. I bought these at the same time.

shoes | three wishes style (only)  $19.99

Original Price  $24.99

As you all probably know by now Target is one of my favorite places to shop. They have trendy and affordable clothing, shoes and accessories and is no different! I actually find that the online store has many more discounts.

vest and a hound  $22.39

Original Price  $27.99

…same as above. I bought these at the same time.


TOTAL SPENT- $87.28 (not including tax)


Now it may take some effort but finding awesome affordable footwear is worth it!

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